Are you in Prague and would like to have photos taken? 


Whether you are a couple, a family or a party of one I would love to photography you.



When do I need to book a date by?

All sessions should be booked 1-2 months in advance. You can always email me and if I have an opening I would be happy to book you a session.


How long will the photo shoot take?

That will depend on you. I offer sessions for 1.5 hours or 3 hours.


Where will we go?

We have pre-planned routes or we can customize a route for you based on your specific interests.


Why do I need a photographer?

There is nothing like a local and a professional to take you around to the best locations at the best times. 


What if the weather is bad?

We will shoot and have fun regardless of the weather. When your preparing for your trip remember to pack clothing for changing weather and always pack an umbrella!


How will I receive my images?

All images will be professionally retouched and you will receive a set of high resolution (full size 300 dpi) jpeg images as well as a set of low resolution (72 dpi) files. The low resolution images are recommended for web use. All images will be sent to you via email using a file transfer service.


Can I choose the images?

For all photo shoots, without exception, I myself choose the best photos for processing.


We have our own ideas and suggestions can we share them?

Yes, ideas and suggestions are always welcome and should be discussed prior to our meeting. The final decision is that of the photographer. 


What is included in the photo processing?

Photo processing includes color correction, light correction, framing, and basic portrait retouching. The number of photos depends on your active participation in the photo shoot. 


How much are the sessions?

Silver session (1.5 hours) starts at 2,500,-kc

Platinum session (3 hours) starts at 5,000,-kc

Custom sessions are also available - please contact me to arrange the best session for you. 

All sessions can be customized and prices are subject to change based on these changes. All changes will be agreed upon by the client and the photographer.


All sessions will have either an early morning or afternoon/evening start time to take advantage of the best light. The start times will vary based on the season we are shooting in. Early morning sessions provide the least amount of people in the city. 


How do I make payment?

Payment will be made via paypal or bank transfer for European clients only. Receipt of a minimum of 50% payment is required to book your appointment. The balance can then be paid at the beginning of our meeting in cash.